X-Files 201: s01e05 “The Jersey Devil”

“The Jersey Devil” goes back in time for the cold open. It features your typical 1940s/50s family happily singing Bingo in a car until a tire is blown. The father must be slow at changing a tire. The next time the children are seen, they are knocked out in the car. Personally, I would be a little more worried if I was in a car that needed a tire changed in the middle of the night. The father gets mysteriously dragged away. His dead body is later discovered with his leg missing. Who or what could have done this?

Scully walks in on Mulder “investigating” something in a magazine. Scully tells him about another body that has been found with limbs missing. Mulder has an idea as to what it might be. Scully guesses correctly. It is the work of an X-File.

I guess Mulder and Scully did not have permission to investigate this case as when they go to view the body in Atlantic City, they are politely told to leave. Supposedly it is a three hour drive back to Washington D.C.. They must have had an early start to their day as Scully is able to drive back in time for a birthday party at 6:30.

Not even the dog is enthusiastic.
Not even the dog is enthusiastic.


I think this is the first time there has been a glimpse into Scully’s life outside of work. Later in the episode she goes on a date. It doesn’t really go anywhere.

Is this how people dressed in the '90s?
Is this how people dressed in the ’90s?

Meanwhile, Mulder stays in Atlantic City and pays a homeless man to give him information about the guy who was killed. The information sounds like an urban legend. Mulder spends the night in the streets to see if the homeless man is right. Mulder ends up finding himself in jail.

Atlantic City, home of 555 phone numbers.
Atlantic City, home of 555 phone numbers.

Mulder is released from jail and continues investigate the case. This is how he spends his free time. The clock on his wall is nice. You would think it would be a standard thing for clocks to have both the 12 and 24 hour times on it. If tape measures can fit inches and centimeters, a wall clock should have no problem with fitting a second set of numbers.


The creature is eventually found and leads into what is supposed to be a thrilling chase. Supposedly “The Jersey Devil” is what fans refer to as a “Monster-of-the-Week” episode. There is a monster, but not a particularly memorable one.

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