Frenzy (2018) Film Review

SyFy movies have a history of having the most absurd ideas. With movies about sharks in tornadoes, ghost sharks, sharks with multiple heads, SyFy is not afraid to execute an idea regardless of how silly it may be. By SyFy standards, the concept of “Frenzy” sounds crazy. It is a shark movie without any gimmicks. “Frenzy” proves that an outlandish premise is not necessary to make an interesting shark movie.

The sharks in “Frenzy” have no special powers or unique qualities. They are just swimming around in the ocean, as sharks do. When a plane crashes into the water, the passengers must do whatever it takes to survive. At its core, “Frenzy” is about the struggle of being stranded at sea. Sharks just happen to be an unavoidable threat for these characters.

Throughout the ninety minute run time, “Frenzy” stitches a strong story together by regularly jumping from events happening out at sea to flashbacks. Usually providing a lengthy backstory is something that SyFy movies should avoid, but that is due to the caliber of acting in those movies. The actors in “Frenzy” provide solid performances that illustrate the desperation the characters are going through at sea. Flashback scenes are cheery, but each character has a distinct personality instead of portraying a stereotype. The acting makes it forgivable that shark scenes take a while to appear, but when they do, they are that much more suspenseful.

Discussing the plot in further detail would provide too many spoilers. Even though the premise is simple, “Frenzy” is better than many SyFy channel movies because of how great the acting is. I hope we see more movies like this in the future.

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