Shark Night (2011) Film Review

“Shark Night” sure does sound like the title of a SyFy channel movie. This movie was actually released in theaters as “Shark Night 3D”. So there must be a lot of blood spewing action if “3D” was added to the title, right? Not with a PG-13 rating. The action is toned down to the point that there is hardly any to watch. “Shark Night” attempts to have a compelling story, but it just doesn’t work that well. If you want a good shark movie, look somewhere else.

This movie starts off with a scene that shows some college-aged people getting attacked by a shark at a lake. This looks promising, but it is just a ploy to get some sharks on the screen. It has no impact on the story at all. It takes a solid thirty minutes before anything remotely exciting happens.

“Shark Night” follows a group of Tulane University students that go for a trip to a girl’s house on a lake. There is a driving montage, a trip to a store and and a boating montage. Not a lot happens. This would be slightly more acceptable if the characters were likable, but they are just annoying stereotypical college students. When a shark finally appears at the lake, instead of there being a sense of peril, I thought to myself good riddance.

After the shark attack, the story takes a turn when the ex-boyfriend of one of the girls shows up. It becomes apparent that he cannot be trusted and is out for revenge. Also, there is a sheriff that wants to make shark snuff films. This detail is revealed just as abruptly in the movie. The intricate plot that this movie is trying to establish could have worked if the characters were stronger. It still would not have been very good, but it would have been better.

“Shark Night” is a bad movie. There should be a movie called “Shark Knight”. Imagine how fun that movie would be. A shark with a suit of armor!

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