X-Files 201: s01e06 “Shadows”

When a mugging goes terribly wrong, Mulder and Scully set out to find why the muggers died in a mysterious way.  Mulder suggests it was an act of psychokinesis.

There is a car crash in this episode that appears to be caused by psychokinesis.  Car crashes are always exciting.  It is also exciting when people find clues from seemingly nothing.  Mulder somehow knows that breathing on his glasses will reveal finger prints.  That is some Agent Dale Cooper-level work right there.


The climax of “Shadows” leaves a man’s office in complete chaos.  Hundreds of papers are flying around and end up scattered on the floor.  I like how Scully enters the office at the exact moment that everything returns back to normal.  I don’t want to think about how annoying it must be to clean and reorganize everything.  It isn’t anywhere near as bad as the scene in Ghostbusters where the library index cards go flying.


There isn’t much to “Shadows”.  I’ll just end with a picture of a grave that I found mildly interesting, Graves’ grave.


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