X-Files 201: s01e03 “Squeeze”

This episode starts off with an unknown creature with human-like characteristics slipping out of an air vent and murdering a guy in an office. The murder is not what caught my attention during this scene. Moments before his death, the man is at his desk making a phone call and casually shakes a snow globe. This guy has a globe inside of his globe. I want a snow globe like that.

A globe inside of a globe
A globe inside of a globe

The rest of the episode revolves around finding a serial killer responsible for a string of recent murders. This killer removed livers from bodies with his bare hands. Could this be the work of Sub-Zero? Mulder thinks it’s…something else…an X-File.

Whatever it is, the killer is not human. Thanks to advance finger print analysis software, the killer’s finger prints, when stretched and manipulated with a couple of keystrokes, prove to be an exact match with those of an X-File. If only software in real life was as simple and easy to use as it is on TV.


While on the subject of computers, how many words per minute can Scully type? She is shown leisurely typing what appears to be a lengthy explanation of events (at least if her voiceover is supposed to correspond to what she is typing). It is so leisurely that it barely looks like her left hand is hitting any keys at all.

Anyways, the killer is actually creepy with his unsettling stares. “Squeeze” is a solid episode. By the end of the episode, I was just left with questions about the state of chimney safety in America.

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