Girl Meets World: “Girl Meets Gravity” Review

The season 2 premiere of Girl Meets World was tonight.  Disney Channel must be eager to air new episodes of the show.  A new episode is airing every night this week and the gap between seasons one and two was incredibly short.  The first season ended at the end of March.  Not to mention that there is a special episode that aired in the middle of April that is supposedly not part of any season.  Even if the break has not been long, season 2 is off to a really great start.  The season 2 premiere is better than most of the episodes in season 1.

The show is starting to become self-aware.  Cory Matthews jokingly makes a comment at the beginning of the episode saying that he is not Mr. Feeny and will not be Riley’s teacher for the new school year.  After a convenient series of events, Riley once again finds herself in Cory’s class.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Cory ends up transferring to a high school after Riley finishes the eighth grade.  One thing that I kept pointing out during the first season is how Cory never keeps control of his class, always allowing students to have their own conversations.  Lucas finally asks Cory why he lets these conversations happen.  An answer is not given, but at least someone is aware of how crazy that is.  Also crazy is how a character in this episode is just killed off out of nowhere.

Fans of Boy Meets World will enjoy the ending of this episode.  There was some confusion as to whether or not Mr. Feeny was a ghost in the first season.  This episode confirms it.  He is indeed not a ghost.  Mr. Feeny is very much alive.

The only real issue that I have with this episode of Girl Meets World has more to do with Disney than it does with the show.  Disney is just all over the place when it comes to release dates.  According to Disney, nothing screams the excitement of the approaching summer more than hyping up the new school year.  They did the same thing when Monsters University was released.  That movie should have been released closer to August instead of in June.  Also, if you want to consider Iron Man 3 a Disney movie, it was also released the same summer as Monsters University and is an even bigger culprit of being released at the wrong time.  Iron Man 3 would have been a great Christmas Day movie.  I think I am still just annoyed that High School Musical 2, a movie about summer, was released towards the end of summer.  With Girl Meets World airing so early and four more episodes airing this week, I am worried that the breaks between episodes will be even longer this time around.  How else will they be able to air special holiday episodes?

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