A Day One PS4 Patch? Has Sony Gone Too Far?

Day one updates have become all too common. Whether or not day one updates are the result of lazy developers or the result of an unprecedented amount of players in the case of games dependent on online servers is hard to tell. This morning Sony announced that the Playstation 4 would be receiving a day one update that would enable many critical features, including online multiplayer.

For people looking forward to using any of Sony’s online services, a 300 MB update is not much of an inconvenience. What I found most surprising about the announcement of the day one update is that it would enable playback of DVD/Blu-rays. While I am pretty sure that anyone buying a PS4 on launch day is not planning to watch a movie with it, it seems odd that such a basic feature would be left out. The Playstation 2 was able to play DVDs out of the box and that was released over 12 years ago.

It might seem kind of silly to be complaining about something so trivial, but I found it to be incredibly weird. It is like buying a brand new car with flat tires. If such a basic feature has to be enabled in a patch, how far are other companies going to go? Are they going to start releasing day one patches to enable controller support?

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