Food, Inc. Film Review

Given that Unwrapped is still airing on Food Network, I would be inclined to believe that people are curious about the origin of the food they eat. Unlike the sugarcoated reality that makes Unwrapped so appealing to watch, Food, Inc. takes a more serious approach that will make you think twice about the food you are eating. This 2008 documentary examines serious issues surrounding modern farming techniques and industrial production of meat and is nicely broken into several segments to prevent it from dragging on.

If meat production was not enough of a hint, I should make it clear that viewers should be prepared to watch footage of animals being slaughtered as well as the cruel conditions animals are being forced to live in. It really is odd seeing chickens collapse because their legs are unable to support their body weight due to irregular growth from being genetically modified. Will watching the treatment of farm animals make you want to consider becoming a vegetarian? Perhaps, but as Food, Inc. goes on to explain, not even vegetables are safe from the changes that have occurred in farming. This can be seen in the number of E. Coli outbreaks within the past 20 or so years. This documentary heavily endorses purchasing food at a farmer’s market as apparently that is practically the only safe place to get it from.

Food, Inc. starts to feel like an advertisement for farmer’s markets by the end of the documentary. Although there is nothing wrong with these places, I feel that it takes away from the well thought out argument that the film is trying to prove. Something needs to be done about the modern state of farming. Is it possible to revert back to old fashion farming techniques without the risk of a low food supply? Can there be more inspections to prevent the outbreak of contaminated food? I suppose that the conditions farm animals live in can also be improved. Maybe I am just being cynical, but how important are living conditions when the animal is just going to end up slaughtered? Food, Inc. was an interesting documentary and should be watched by anyone who eats food.

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