Best Worst Movie Film Review

I have never watched “Troll 2” and with good reason, many consider it to be the worst movie ever made. “Best Worst Movie” gathers all of the cast members from “Troll 2” to investigate how such a movie even came into existence, or at least that is what the description on Netflix/Amazon states. Instead, this documentary focuses on how the actors and crew members feel about the movie years later and their reactions to the cult phenomenon. It was absolutely fascinating to listen to the actors talk about the confusion and disappointment they felt once they finally had the chance to watch the movie they worked on.

“Best Worst Movie” is directed by Michael Stephenson, who was the child star of “Troll 2”. It was bizarre listening to him explain how his hopes and dreams of being a successful actor were ruined by having any sort of association with this film. Some actors still tried to pursue careers after the film such as Connie Young, who refuses to put “Troll 2” on her resume. The documentary places a lot of focus on George Hardy who seems to be the one of the few cast members living a fulfilling life. While he ended up pursuing a career in dentistry, it was nice knowing that “Troll 2” did not ruin the life of every person who worked on it.

The director of “Troll 2” says that the goal of a movie should be to evoke emotion. I do not trust the advice of someone responsible for creating such a bad movie, but that seems like a worthwhile goal. Seeing the actors going from disappointed to enthusiastic once “Troll 2” became a cult classic, left me feeling happy. “Best Worst Movie” is definitely worth a watch and left me wanting to experience “Troll 2” for myself.

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