I Had a Weird Dream Last Night

I was selected to watch Walt Disney.  My only task was to ensure he did not commit suicide. When I met him, I was stunned.  He did not look like a man that was about to die.  Maybe he was just trying to fool me, but he seemed legitimately happy.

Our day together was just that, happy.  We shared a delightful breakfast and proceeded to explore various antique shops in the city.  I was weary about letting Walt into these shops as they typically sell various forms of weaponry that could inflict self-harm.  He remained relatively calm and only purchased one item, a gold pen and pencil set.

It was time to head to our room over at the Sheraton hotel.  The night was peaceful.  In the morning while I was brushing my teeth, Walt decided to make a run for it and jump out the window.  I ran after him and caught him, but as soon as I did, the hotel exploded.

We were sent flying through the window.  I was fine, but Walt was too shocked.  I carried him in my arms to a nearby park.  He died.  I put his body down on the grass where a person walking by spray painted his body so that it would blend in with the grass.

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