Sony Press Conference Reactions

Sony released much more info about the PS4 today than I would have imagined.  It was the best Sony press conference in years.  While Sony didn’t reveal the price or how the console itself looks the tech demos shown look really promising and show that it is possible for serious games to be colorful.
I was more blown away by the broadcasting capabilities that Sony promised.  As someone who has messed around with live streaming, it is much more difficult than it should be.  Also being able to play games while they are being downloaded sounds really useful.  This would be fantastic, if it all works. 
Poor Nintendo.  If Sony can perfect Remote Play where PS4 games can be played on a PS Vita, the appeal of the Wii U will go way down.  Not to mention the sales figures of the Wii U have been pretty bad and first party titles can only do so much.  Wii U will be the next Dreamcast.
All I know is that E3 2013 is going to be great.  The press conference held today could have totally passed for one at E3.  Looking forward to Microsoft’s retaliation anything will be better than last years press conference. 

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