Django Unchained Impressions


Going to the theater was something I expected to do while I was on holiday. I was hoping to finally watch “Wreck-It Ralph”, but at this point, I will just wait for the Blu-ray release. I was highly considering watching “Monsters, Inc. 3D”. As it turns out, I ended up watching “Django Unchained”, pretty much the polar opposite of the films I intended on viewing.

“Django Unchained” is one of the best comedies I have ever seen. It was hilarious, twisted and bloody. Some people may find the film too dark and others may just find it to be offensive, but I find it to be excellently crafted. By the time it was over, it really did not feel like three hours. Oh, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair, simply stunning.

The soundtrack consists of fitting Western themed tracks. I think it could have benefited from the inclusion of Dubstep and having the drop rhythmically timed to the splattering of blood or the clacking of horse hooves.

Overall it was an entertaining film and a fantastic black comedy.

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