Airplane! Film Review

Have you ever been so bored that you wanted to kill yourself?  I guarantee you will not feel this way when watching Airplane!.  It is essentially like watching a live-action cartoon with the way background characters behave and the physics of the plane itself.  Plenty of well timed over-exaggerations are to be found here.  This film has no problem making fun of itself.  Combine the humor with the outrageous plot of war veteran Ted Striker having to land a plane due to a mysterious outbreak of food poisoning and you have a complete package of comedic gold.  Surely, I can’t be serious, but I am.  This film literally has everything, jokes, innuendos, romance, war flashbacks and even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  His appearance should be a solid reason alone to see this film.  Over thirty years later, Airplane! is funny and is an excellent example of just how much movies with a PG rating could get away with back then.

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