Everyday Atrocities: Lines

Getting on all of the attractions at Disneyland in one day is next to impossible. You will spend more time standing in line than you will get on rides. When seventy minutes is considered a short wait, you just know that you are in for a long day. Over at Disney California Adventure, I have seen the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror reach a waiting time of over three hours. Such times are just insane, yet it does not stop people from standing in line. Is the wait worth it? The rides at Disneyland are certainly an experience, but some of the rides are just too short to justify the wait. Disneyland and other theme parks do however provide excellent immersion and try their best to make waiting in line as enjoyable as possible.

Other places need to do the same. Imagine how much more entertaining it would be to wait in line at a bank if you had to make your way through a complicated and decorated pathway, instead of just going around some velvet rope. Adding a place to sit would be a nice addition. Even better, the seats could slowly drag you along until you get to the front of the line. It would certainly make waiting in line less tiring or maybe it will just show how lazy Americans have become. Either way it feels like lines go on forever and is that not what lines really are? Infinitely long.

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