Battleship Film Review

When suddenly, aliens. Then bursts of fiery explosions. BOOM. Insert a bad joke here, and repeat more explosions.

There is nothing more to be had with Battleship. It is all flash, no substance. The plot is absurd. If there is anything that comes to my mind when I think of the board game Battleship, it is anything but aliens. Uninspired acting prevents this film from conveying any sense of 

urgency that the world is about to be destroyed. At times I had trouble determining if it was trying to be a comedy or an action movie. Battleship tries to develop the protagonist, but even at the end of the movie he comes across as shallow.

Glancing over the absurd plot, the next evident problem is the pacing. Once the aliens begin to invade Earth, the action begins. Normally a movie of this nature will have some smaller fights in the beginning leading to the grand finale, but here the movie is just one giant battle. It is a spectacle to watch and the effects are well done. Maybe it is the inconsistency in the soundtrack with the use of modern pop songs and an original score being used together, but it did not feel as exciting as it could have been. Not that this film had much potential anyways.

Battleship would have been much better if it was not a movie based off of the classic board game and did not look so similar to Transformers. If the producers were going to use anything else but other ships as the enemy they should have went with something crazier such as apocalyptic whales. Nuke the whales, because you have to nuke something.

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