If You Create a Text Post on Tumblr, You Are Going to Have a Bad Time

Tumblr was just not cutting it as a blogging platform.  I imagine a blog as being a place where a user can share thoughts and opinions.  Very rarely did I see that in the form of text posts on Tumblr.  Sometimes a simple image can capture a moment perfectly and that appears to be the mentality of most Tumblr users.

As a source for images and animated gifs, Tumblr is amazing.  I will continue to use it for that reason alone.  The novelty blogs available can be hilarious with my personal favorite being the Same Picture of Dave Coulier Every Day.  I just think that a blog needs to be a more substantial than just a feed of images.  More specifically, a blog should host original content.  From what I have experienced on Tumblr it is just reblog after reblog.

Now I am here.  My recent statuses on Facebook have been far to long.  If a post is too long for Facebook then it is too long for Tumblr.

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