The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

It’s not the ending it deserved, but it’s the ending it needs right now.

That previous statement is invalid when discussing the Dark Knight Rises.  Christopher Nolan has outdone himself yet again.  Amazingly, TDKR surpassed all expectations I had for the film.  Very few movies deserve to be as long as TDKR.  Clocking in at two hours and forty-five minutes, you will witness stunning IMAX shots accompanied with a soundtrack that would make any scenario feel epic.  Anne Hathaway did an amazing job portraying Catwoman.  It is not perfect.  There is one loophole I noticed while viewing it a second time.  For the sake of avoiding spoilers, I will not go into detail about it.  

The Dark Knight Rises is a worthy conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  It may just be the greatest superhero trilogy in existence.

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