Xbox One Impressions

I really hope that Microsoft’s E3 press conference was better than the Xbox reveal event that was held this morning.  Xbox One?  Not a terrible name but I can imagine there will be plenty of eBay scams with people trying to sell the original Xbox instead.  500 GB of hard drive space does not seem like it would be enough for the amount of digital content Microsoft is trying to push, especially when the console will be using a Blu-ray drive.

Most of the features that were shown off today are things that I will probably never use.  I don’t care about fantasy sports.  No details about how TV service will be enabled on the Xbox One were announced.  I’d rather just press a button than use a voice command.  The controller looks better.  A Halo TV series by Steven Spielberg, I would be surprised if it was not a mess.  Motion capture dogs might make Call of Duty: Ghosts worth playing, but it’s still Call of Duty.

Also, the release date Microsoft gave, hilarious.  “Around the world later this year”, how specific.  

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