Iron Man 3 Review

The trailers for Iron Man 3 looked fantastic. Then again, I remember having the same excitement for X-Men: The Last Stand. While that movie wasn’t terrible, there were certain aspects that left me disappointed. Still it was a decent way to end the X-Men trilogy. A year later Marvel created even more hype with Spider-Man 3. I absolutely loved the first two films, but this. This was an abomination, a complete disgrace to the Spider-Man trilogy. So I watched Iron Man 3, fearing that it would be another Spider-Man 3 scenario and ended up leaving the theater pleasantly surprised.
I won’t go into detail about the plot but Robert Downey Jr. gives another solid performance as Tony Stark and the action is satisfying to watch. There are a couple of quirks that I noticed during the movie however, but most of them were trivial. There is a critical scene where Tony is confronted by the press but all of my attention was focused on this one reporter who was recording vertical video on a phone. Tony confronts this reporter and destroys the phone. While he ends up destroying the phone for a completely different reason it felt like justice was served. No one, not even journalists have the right to record vertical videos.

Another quirk and my biggest complaint about Iron Man 3: Why is it a summer blockbuster? Money I suppose, but it would have made much more sense to release it during November. The movie makes it quite clear, multiple times, that it takes place during Christmas. Maybe I’m just being nitpicky.

As a Christmas film, Iron Man 3 is one of the best. Although it is not perfect it does its part in creating an exciting trilogy.

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