Tapped Film Review

A documentary about bottled water, it sounds simple enough.  Then you realize there are more issues with these bottles than just recycling.  You will quickly become thirsty, and have second thoughts about reaching over for your bottle of water.  Is this documentary convincing enough to stop you from using water bottles?  Maybe, but the information presented here is interesting, and at the very least you will learn how most companies get the water required to fill all of the bottles.
The effects used to present maps and statistics are nice.  With a movie about water, I would have expected the color scheme of these parts of the documentary to be in various shades of blue instead of relying on oranges and yellows.
The documentary mentions that if consumer habits continue the way they are today, then our water supply will be depleted.  It is not a stretch to say that this will happen.  The problem lies with how this idea is expressed, which is by mentioning droughts throughout the United States.  While it is a problem, it would have been interesting to see how our water usage affects the entire world, especially in locations which do not have easy access to clean sources of water.

Frightening statistics about the amount of plastic in samples of ocean water show the damaging effects that bottled water have for our health.  As one of the major issues being addressed in this documentary, a thorough job was done showing the various aspects that water bottles have on people’s health.  
Did this documentary make me change my water drinking habits?  No, they are too convenient.  Would I consider using a reusable bottle?  Perhaps, but that would assume I want to drink water at any moment of the day.  It was interesting, even if it was a bit more serious than I was expecting.  It only begs to ask what other common everyday items have such a huge impact on environmental health.

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