Everyday Atrocities: 3D Glasses

The improvements made in 3D glasses have been great.  No longer are they made out of flimsy white cardboard and red/blue lenses.  Now they provide a better image, are more comfortable to wear and less stressful on your eyes.

Some people find them so comfortable that they wear them as sunglasses.  It looks idiotic and does not help at all in protecting your eyes.  The plastic sleeve the glasses come in address that, but I doubt many people actually read the warning.
It even has a diagram!
The new plastic sleeves are less attention grabbing.
I wonder how many of those sleeves are just tossed on the ground or thrown away.  It seems wasteful.  The glasses themselves use even more plastic.  They must be relatively cheap to produce.  I bet that it costs more to create the perforated tab to open the sleeve housing the glasses than it does to create the frame and lenses.
Box office statistics show that even with the insanely high prices for tickets and popcorn there are a lot of people going to theaters.  Let’s take the Avengers as an example.  It grossed $622 million.  Now you have to take into account that this number is just for the amount it made in the US and includes both 2D and 3D ticket sales.  For a moment, let’s assume that all of the sales were in 3D and the average price for a ticket is $15.  You have a total of 41,466,666 people.  I would say that is a very large number and this is just for one movie.  Just imagine the dozens of other blockbusters that are released in theaters and how many 3D glasses have to be produced to keep up with the demand.  A crazy amount.
Imagine all of the plastic being used.  Sure, there are announcements in movie theaters saying that you should recycle the glasses, but how many people actually do that?  Lazy people toss them in the trash.  I keep all of my glasses as a souvenir.
Is it even necessary to produce so many glasses?  Why not encourage people to keep and reuse them just like those eco-shopping bags.  It could potentially lower ticket prices.  What exactly are theaters charging extra for admission to a 3D movie?  Maybe 3D is just a fad that will die out in a couple of years.  It is infecting film design with purposely done shots that are just awkward to watch without wearing those wasteful glasses and that’s atrocious.

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