X-Files 201: s01e09 “Space”

With a show about aliens, you would think an episode of The X-Files about space travel would fit right in. It probably would if you actually got to see inside the spacecraft. Instead, the only signs of space seen in “Space” are from stock launch footage and blurry video from screens in the NASA headquarters that Mulder and Scully are at.

All of the budget must have gone to animating a former astronaut’s face that morphs into an alien’s face. It doesn’t even look that good. The astronaut, Mulder’s childhood hero, is the antagonist of this episode.

Mulder's face when he realizes his childhood hero is corrupt.
Mulder’s face when he realizes his childhood hero is corrupt.

The astronaut overacts to things resulting in scenes that are more humorous than frightening.

There is some sort of spirit haunting the astronaut that I guess moves to a spacecraft currently on a mission. I’m not really sure how that works. It is just sort of tossed in there. Basically there is a spacecraft that needs to be guided back to Earth. It’s not interesting since you never get to see a good shot of the ship.

The episode in general is uninteresting. One thing that caught my attention aside from the use of stock footage is how cheesy the special effects in the image below look like. This was deemed worthy of showing on prime time?


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