Everyday Atrocities: Cup of Noodles

How much protection does a cup of Maruchan Instant Lunch need?  It just seems excessive.  The cup is already protected by the cardboard packaging.  There is no need for the cup itself to also be wrapped, especially when there is a lid that has to be peeled off.  This is obviously done for health and safety reasons, but I have seen individual cups of cereal with just a lid that peels back.  Why doesn’t cereal get the same treatment?

Perhaps the strangest thing about the packaging is that the back of the cardboard explicitly states not to microwave it.  Yet when examining the cup itself, there are microwaving instructions.  Which one is it?  Can or can I not microwave it?

I know that I am supposed to pour out the contents of the cup to a different container and stick that container in the microwave instead.  Doesn’t that defeat the point of it being called “Instant Lunch”?  If I had access to another container, chances are that I am near a stove and can just boil water, which is the best way to prepare it.  Besides, shouldn’t the external cardboard packaging provide a disclaimer with the microwaving instructions?  I guess it does not matter much as there will always be people who practice unsafe ramen cooking techniques by placing the entire cup in the microwave and that’s atrocious.

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