Netflix Receives Another Redesign

Netflix received another redesign.  It feels bland and needs more red.  The biggest difference is the logo.  It is simple.  It works.  I prefer the old logo, but I am sure that after a few weeks I will stop caring about it.

It's flat!
It’s flat!
The “Kids” button stands out.  I guess this is done to make the button more distinguishable for children to access the family-friendly selection.  The button seems pointless if a child sees the full “adult” section while waiting for the kids section to load.  It would be smarter if Netflix asked which section you want to view sort of like what the Xbox 360/PS3 apps used to do.  I thought the picture of Mario from “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!” as the button for the kids section on the apps was hilarious.  So edgy.

I just think it is a bad decision to make the site even lighter.  It was already blinding at night.  I wish it is designed more like the Netflix apps on mobile devices and other hardware.  A nice black finish that is pleasing to the eye.  It does not seem too unreasonable to want a darker interface.  Movies are meant to be viewed in dark environments.  If this was not true, movie theaters would leave the lights on.

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