The Terminator Series is Confusing

I am chronologically confused about the Terminator timeline. I thought I had the first two movies figured out but now nothing is making sense. Was Kyle Reese always supposed to be John Connor’s father or did Kyle ruin the entire timeline? The future John Connor of the first Terminator film would have needed to be conceived by someone else besides Kyle or else John would not exist because Kyle was never sent back in time by John. I guess this means that the John Connor in Terminator 2 is different from the John Connor in The Terminator. Terminator 3 just makes the timeline even more of a mess and contradicts so many plot points. At least Terminator 3 explains how John Connor still exists after the end of the second movie. Judgment Day is just delayed, not prevented. If Judgment Day had really been prevented then John Connor would cease to exist because future John Connor would not have a reason to send Kyle Reese back to 1984…

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