Trending on BuzzFeed: Drawing Human-looking Cartoon Characters as Human-looking Cartoon Characters

BuzzFeed posted this article today:  “A Tumblr Artist Reenvisioned A Bunch Of Awesome ’90s Cartoons As If They Were Made Today”

The art is so uninspired.  It is a disgrace to the original shows.  Look at how much of a mess that article is.  Why do only some pictures have a list of the characters that appear?  More confusing is the headline, a “Tumblr artist”.  Nowhere in the article is a link to the artist’s Tumblr.  The source for each image is just a link to the artist’s deviantART profile.  The person writing the article didn’t even take the time to link to each individual image.  So lazy.  This is not the first time BuzzFeed has posted an article like this.

BuzzFeed posted an article in July titled “This Is What The Rugrats Look Like Now“.  Which article am I supposed to believe and why are people so interested in what the Rugrats would look like grown up?  There was an entire TV series based off of that premise.  I guess there is a novelty seeing memorable cartoon characters being redrawn in various art styles, but the drawings that BuzzFeed is showing off in both of these articles are uninteresting.  It just seems redundant, redrawing human-looking cartoon characters as human-looking cartoon characters.

Redrawing cartoon characters so that they look like a human works best if the characters in question are not human to begin with.  Take a look at this creepy drawing of SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward as humans.  It may not be a particularly pleasant drawing to look at but at least it tries to capture the spirit of the characters instead of merely creating a generic caricature.  With the way BuzzFeed is publishing articles, I would not be surprised if there is an article showing off “cool” drawings of Rugrats as babies.  How far is it going to go?

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