The Best Omegle Chat I Have Had

I was rearranging some files on my computer and came across an Omegle chat-log that I had saved from earlier this year.  I am impressed that the conversation lasted as long as it did and the other person was able to catch onto all of the references I was making.

Stranger: are you now or have you ever been a dolphin?
You: Monroe?
You: Is this you?
Stranger: YES!
You: OMG I finally found you
You: I was getting worried for a moment
Stranger: ♥

Stranger: No need to worry.
Stranger: 😀
You: Will you take care of the evil monsters of the dark?
Stranger: of course.
You: What is your favored technique?
You: Bow staff?
Stranger: i grow a fist and falcon punch them
You: Well, it does solve teen pregnancy.
Stranger: but yet we still have that 16 and pregnant show…
You: Touche
You: So…you do some shopping?
Stranger: yeah, i’m in the need of a new pair of rain boots
You: Do they hide your ankles from those embarrassing flood pants?
Stranger: yes, that is a contributing factor as to why i wear them.
Stranger: i want some with a bunch of poka dots
You: Do they squeak when you walk?
Stranger: i always de-squeak them.
Stranger: it’s a challenge
You: Oh, I’m guessing you don’t like the sound you get when you rub two pickles together
Stranger: i do…with my…
Stranger: BIG
Stranger: MEATY
Stranger: CLAWSS!
You: I bet they provide excellent results when playing with mayonnaise
Stranger: No Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument.
You: What about
You: Horse raddish?
Stranger: nope.
You: Chuck Testa!
Stranger: DX
You: His profession is rather odd
You: You would think that by now they would have found a way to perform taxidermy on humans.
Stranger: I once read a story about a guy who lived in the attic of a hotel, and whenever someone would stay in a certian suite he would kill them and stuff them.
Stranger: and he had this huge collection of people.
You: Oh, I think I know what you are talking about
You: Is that room 613 of the Tipton hotel in Boston?
Stranger: No no no you’re thinking of the crazy lady who throws shards of mirror at people.
You: Yeah, that’s it. I always get those two confused.
Stranger: it happens to the best of us.
You: True, but it is still sadistic
You: Especially if you don’t have a goal
Stranger: my goal is to spread my wings and turn into a tree
You: interesting
You: I want to be the very best
You: Like no one ever was
You: To catch them is my real test
You: To train them is my cause
Stranger: i will travel across the land
Stranger: searching far and wide
You: Each Pokemon to understand
You: The power that’s inside
Stranger: POKEMON
You: You teach me and I’ll teach you!
Stranger: I wonder what it would be like if i really could catch them all, and carry them around with me. and stuff
You: I could fly across the world free of charge
Stranger: that would be wonderful
You: Yeah, no need for American Airlines anymore.
Stranger: i’m saying. 😀
You: One day the Pokeball will be invented
You: and when it is, rich celebrities will use them to carry dogs in purses -____-
Stranger: god i hope not…
You: The soundtrack to Inception makes everything sound more epic
You: Not sure if it is more epic than the Guile theme, but still enjoyable
Stranger: It’s kind of like how i drive to school listening to my StarWars soundtrack.
Stranger: it gets me through the morning.
You: Hmm…I guess it puts bread on the table
Stranger: for the most part.
You: Are you a volunteer policeman?
Stranger: Not generally.
You: Sounds like you have tried before
You: Or maybe just maybe you are a super hero
Stranger: Shhhhhh….
You: *cough* umm…yeah alien hunting
You: No, we better not talk about that, if we do they’ll know we are on to them.
Stranger: yeah, you know how they are, watching conversations and all/
Stranger: .
You: It’s all a scam by Major League Baseball
You: Mark McGuire is watching our every move
You: via satellite images
Stranger: damn, that means i have to put my shirt back on.
You: uhh…you do that.
Stranger: oops, i said too much.
You: I’m assuming you were changing from your super hero costume to your normal clothes
Stranger: you assumed right.
You: Were the dolphins after you again?
Stranger: there every where man!
Stranger: they’re
You: Tell me about it, I was at the mall last week and I found one in the fountain
You: He ate my penny
You: Now my wishes will never come true 😦
Stranger: those bastards.
Stranger: don’t worry, i’ll get your wishes back!
You: That’s great!
You: Just like Frosted Flakes
Stranger: i’m here to help.
Stranger: and eat cereal
You: Mold mereal?
Stranger: waffles?
You: I got it on the internet?
Stranger: philip! nooooooo!
You: He was my favorite nickel!
Stranger: nickels are for squares, like pants!
You: No pants are for morons
Stranger: oh blah blah blah your needs. -.-‘
You: My shiny teeth and me
Stranger: icky vicki.
You: ooh ooh
You: Chip Skylark FTW
Stranger: is it sad that i remember most of the words for shiney teeth and me?

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